Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's a Girl!!!!!

Her name is Phoebe!!!

She weighs 35 lbs!

She is a Purebred Standard Poodle,

only Pheobe is petiete!

We are going to have a great time together!!

This is it!!!!!

Here is HOW it happened....

The entire group was asked to go to our rooms just after breakfast this morning.
NONE of us knew what kind of dog we were getting, not the color or gender or anything.
So, we were all on pins and needles waiting and anxious to find out.
Some didn't sleep that well,
some were up at 4 am, to excited to sleep.

This is HUGE deal!!!
These dogs are changing lives!!

Not only ours, but those around us and theirs, too


Here we are sitting in our rooms.

One byone our trainer/instructor comes to each room.
They came and knocked on our door,
asked for our leash,
told us only the dogs name...
and left us sitting in our room.

we were told to be sitting down,

the instructor/trainer knocked on the door,

opened it,

told us to call out the dogs name,

they both came in and this is when we met!

Phoebe is a sweet dog.
Just perfect!
A lot like me.......
mellow sometimes
excited sometimes!
a good match!

I can hardly stand it!

I have somebody to love!!
My heart is full!
this is all for now...

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alyca said...

How exciting!! And no worries about cleaning up dog hair, since poodles don't shed.

I am looking forward to meeting Phoebe when you get home!!!

Matthew & Julia said...

She is lovely!!! Congratulations :D

Mama-Beans said...

Oh mom, she is beautiful!!! I am so excited for you, and I really can't wait to meet your Phoebe!! She is such a tiny little thing, but it looks like her back height is right at your knee? so that would be just about right... more pictures!!!!!!!!

Davinie said...

Congratulations! I have been waiting and waiting for this post!

Very excited for you and Phoebe. She's so cute!

Di said...

Congratulations Bon! One of the best dogs I have ever known, and OH SO SMART, was a black standard poodle and since then I have thought if I would have a dog it would be like Phoebe. You are going to have such a good time together! I am enjoying your blog. Thank you for sharing this story while you are away. Dianne Rodway

Petra Shapiro said...

Congrats, Bon. Howard and I are sooo exited for you!

Perhaps we can have a "play date" with Phoebe and our new standard schnauzer, Maximilian, aka "Max-the-Hellion".

Bonnie, you are going to have such a good time with Phoebe, just as we are having with Max. Just like having a new baby!

Bon said...


you got that right,

a new baby indeed!


Nila said...

Wow, Bonnie !!!
What a great addition to our family !
She is awesome !
We can not wait to see her. ( You Too ! )
Will she get her own seat on the airlines too ?

Thanks for sharing your adventure with us !

Greg, Nila, Scotty, Smokey and Brandy.

Karen McDonald said...

OK, third try is a charm, Bonnie. Once I know I am really getting through and see my comments on your blog I will write more. I am sooo thrilled for you! Karen Mc

Karen said...

Great! I got through! Bonnie, you got me crying from being so inspired by your sharing and the doors that will open up for you with Phoebe. She is just precious! Can't wait to meet her. Your blog is GREAT!I love the pictures! Thanks, Karen Mc