Monday, April 6, 2009

Day number one

Hey .

I think you are going to find more then one set of pictures!!

I am learning, okay!!

I haven't quite figgured out just how to fix that...................

today has been lots of lectures mostly signing liability releases..
I did manage to get to the work out room and and wear myself out..

loved it!!

I hope the sun still shines there...
it was going to be a nice day when I left.

some of that sunshine will head over here!

I did bring shorts and sandals!

Okay, I will check in tomorrow..

Bye bye for now



Mama-Beans said...

You'll get the hang of pictures eventually Mom,I'm just happy to see some up! Have you been to the kennels yet??!!

Matthew & Julia said...

Hi - I am a friend of Sabrina. I was excited to hear about your new adventure - how wonderful!!! I love your training dog by the way hahaha. I really hope everything works out well for you and look forward to following your blog :D. Julia

alyca said...

So are you actually getting a dog named Juno...or did you just pick that out?? You could rename it Juneau after Alaska, instead of Juno after the movie about teenage pregnancy (yes, it was a cute movie, but it *is* about teenage pregnancy).

Very excited for you!

Lisa RM said...

Sabrina shared this blog with me, and it looks like you're about to start an amazing journey! Good luck, I look forward to following it!

Rachael said...

This is very exciting, I cannot wait to meet your new doggy friend! (I am a friend os Sabrina's by the way) Welcome to the land of blogging!

Bon said...

No, Alyca,

Just the dog instructor's name goes by juno.

I don't know what my dogs name will be until I meet my dog.


Davinie said...

Alyca, a dog that is over a year old or whatever wouldn't be without a name. Doubtful Mom would get to name her dog.
Mom, I thought you were getting a hint as to your pups name! Juno sounds very German Shepard to me.

Looking forward to seeing who it is!