Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here we were training at the Oakland University.

I thought this tree was pretty.

You will notice I am actually wearing shorts!!

The temperature got up in the 80 's.

This morning we were here.


When we were training in the afternoon, the biggest black cloud

came, and ended our work for the day!

The rain came down in buckets!!

Made me home sick for Portland!

Soon, lightning came , by then we were back at the campus.

Since we got in early, (and stopped raining for now..) I am finally going over to the mall across the street!

I am getting excited about heading home.

I have been wearing these clothes over and over...

It is time for a change!!

So off to the mall I go!

Check in tomorrow and see what I came up with!


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Mama-Beans said...

Have fun at the mall! And enjoy this last week... soon you'll be on your own with Miss Phoebe!!

Anonymous said...

I am imagining you buying a backpack or saddlebags for phoebe to help carry purchases. {I really don't have enough to do]
Love Mom

alyca said...

Only a few short days until you come home.....

Have fun at the mall and watch out for those escalators!!

Matthew & Julia said...

I hope you bought yourself something nice! Did Phoebe go with you? I am loving your blog...very descriptive :)

Nila said...

Your adventures are captivating.

Love every bit of them.



SST Wellness Center said...

Bonnie...I am so glad that I found you! Thanks to Alyca and facebook. I have been thinking of you all week with it being your birthday and all. I am so happy for you! When I got your blog address this afternoon I have been reading all your posts, with joy, laughter and tears! You would know how deep the emotions run. We can't go so long without getting in touch with one another. Call me when you get home and things are settled some what. I am sure it will be a while for ajustments to take place.
All my love and regards