Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Greetings from the Easterdog,
Michigan style!!

Here is a picture of us out on the grounds of the school.
Look at her sitting so proud!!

Here, I am practicing our teamwork.

Phoebe is in her harness. guiding me down the sidewalk.

Our schedules are pretty tight.
For the first 10 days, Phoebe and I are together constantly.
Except for when I shower...
she is right there by my side.

We are on a schedule.

6 am Park (potty break)

1 cup water

7 30 breakfast for me

8 to 11;00 training

11;30 Park

12 lunch for me

1 cup water for Phoebe

1 to 4;30 training

4;30 park and water Phoebe

5;00 3 1/2 cups dog food


dinner for me

1 cup water for Phoebe

8;00 park time

no water after 8.

this is it.

no more, no less

this is what happens.

Since today was Sunday, we were off today.

Phoebe and I walked the grounds and spent some time outside.

I will let you know what tomorrow brings
until then.....

good night!


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alyca said...

Sounds like quite the schedule. That is probably half the training-getting used to sticking to Phoebe's schedule!

Matthew & Julia said...

Is that the schedule you will need to stick to "forever"? She is so lovely - so proud and strong! You look very VERY happy :D

Bon said...

No, this schedule is really a guideline for when I get home.
Basically, it is to know when to park the dog and not have to worry about when to take her out, and be caught off guard. but, there is always a chance of a accident!
She IS a dog after all!!