Friday, April 24, 2009

A day in Rochester Park..................

here we are in Rochester Park.
We were mostly here to experience distractions.

Beleive you me....

there were Plenty!!

We had squirrels, ducks, strange dogs of all kinds, kids on noisy riding toys, mothers with strollers,
and more.

At first, I just knew I was in for a battle..

Did you know that Poodles were originally used for retreiving fowl?

Waaaaayy back then............................
That was why they used to trim the hair off the top of the poodle so that the dog would not be cold when in the water. The hair was left on the belly side, to keep warm!

I did not know that , but,
some where along the line .
somebody told ...........Phoebe!

She was just shaking like a leaf, she was so excited!!

I just thought, oh no!!

Thank good ness my trainer came over to me and put one of those "gentle"trainers on her.
It was a cord of some type that went around her nose and hooked to the leash.
It was kind of the same principle as a horse bit in it's mouth.
Only this just kept her head under control to help keep her in focus!

I was surprised...

It worked!

So we had a pretty good day working out some of the kinks , learning more about each other.

This next picture was kind of an accident!
Somehow I managed to screw up the settings on my camera!!
I have a whole day of lots of pictures, that match!!

Matrix style!

I thought it looked kind of cool!!
Fortuantely One of my new freinds knows computers and helped me out, or I would have been stuck with this style the rest of my stay!~
Just wanted to keep you posted.

Today was a quiet day,
as we lost our graduate students.Their time was up.

It was kind of hard to see them go.. we had gotten pretty close these last few weeks.

We all exchanged addresses to keep in touch.
Making plans to get together, soon.

These are memories for a lifetime.

Phoebe and I are ready to try it in the real world.
I hope you all will bare with us as we figure this relationship out.
I am told it could take months.


tune in tomorrow and see what happens.......


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Anonymous said...

glad you had a happy and
interesting day.
Love Mom

Mama-Beans said...

LOL, that's why the pics turned out like that!!!! Glad you got some help. Also glad you found a trick to keep miss Phoebe in line. I've heard of gentle leaders, had thought to get one for Muppet. Will be interesing to see yours in practice! Have fun, hope you had a good birthday day!

Matthew & Julia said...

What a beautiful park! You really know Phoebe so well already! Wonderful that there are ways and means of keeping focused on the task at hand ;)

Bon said...

The gentle leaders are the trick!

We would love to show you!

I am told that today will be in the 80's!!


I get to wear shorts!

It is about time!!