Tuesday, April 7, 2009


waiting for instructors in main leaderdog building
This is outside of the main building.Here is where most of our actual training with our dog will take place. Notice it is a lion, not a dog statue that I am standing by.

How appropiate, since the Leaderdog program is put on thru the Lions club.
Here are more students waitng for the instructors.

Lovely weather, don't you think?

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I am told we will finally get our dog.
so far I have weasseled out of them that it's name is in two sylables and is a sensitive dog.
I am working on my instructor, but I don't she is going to let me have any more clues to what I am getting!!!

I will catch up with you tomorrow!!

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Davinie said...

That doesn't tell me anything!
I can't wait to see who it is! You must be so excited!

Mama-Beans said...

Oh mom!! I am so excited for you! Post as soon as you can tomorrow, I am so so so eager to meet your new baby!!!!

Matthew & Julia said...

You must be beside yourself with excitement and nerves! I hope it's love at first.....um.....would it be rude to say "sight"? Love at first pat. Love at first wet nose. Love at first sniff. Whatever the case, I hope you both fall helplessly in love with each other. :D Julia