Monday, April 20, 2009

Hi, wanted to keep you updated............

Yesterday, Sunday was ouer dfirst time vto leave the dog behind in our room.

We were not allowed to to be separated from our dog for the first ten days.
Since we were in training, we were not allowed to take our dog off campus either.
So, Sunday was the first time to go anywhere!
There were 4 of us that decided to get together with our canes to head down to the nearest Walgrens, about a mile up the road.

We walked alongside on a wide sidewalk to the store.
I guess we must have made an impression on some of the drivers.
Maybe they don't see a group of blind people walking together very often.

I don't know,
Because about half way down the road, all of a sudden we heard this loud, long screeeeeechhhh!!
Then a loud BANG! then another bang!!

There was a three car accident right along side of us in the next lane over!
It was a little more then a fender bender, as the front bumper fell of and the hood on top of the pick-up folded in half, radiator fluid all over. bits and peices scattered on the road, while the three vehicles rolled towards the maridian lane in the middle.
Fortuanately, nobody was hurt.

But, believe me when I say all four of us jumped when we heard that first bang!

We got out of there in a hurry!!

That woke us up!

We got what we went for anfd got right back to the m center!

Today, we woke up to nasty rainy weather.
Our training today consisted of working in a grocery store and this aftwernoon we wen t to a huge mall. We tried out escelators. I have decided in the future, to avoid it if possible.
I would be so easy to get Phoebe's toes caught in the grating.
I don't want to take that chance.

We also had another class with the

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Mama-Beans said...

ha ha, hit publish too soon, mom? LOVE the picture with the finger in front, got quite the giggle out of it!

Nest time, bring Phoebe. Car crash because of gawking??!! I'd want to make sure I had a fast getaway available and Phoebe sounds pretty quick on her feet!

Bon said...

No. Sabrina,
I did NOT hit Publish at all!!

As far as the finger, it was a picture being taken by a totoally blind guy.

I was trying to move in front of him, telling him to aim thn
is way or that!

The picture of the 84 year old lady with her 6th dog!!

she is absolutely a ball to have around.

So funny!!


Anonymous said...

guess no need to be an eyewitness,
make a good video tho
Love Mom

Matthew & Julia said...

Haha I also got a giggle from the picture with the finger over it - he did quite a good job of it considering! lol. But the car crash?! That must have really unnerved you all. :(

alyca said...

I have to say, you are getting some pretty good pictures, considering the photographers...